This easy to install magic little box completes your fishfinder installation and brings your lonely, mysterious "MARK" button to life.

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What is Markfish?

Markfish is an electronic device that enables furuno fishfinders to connect to all major chartplotter brands to accurately mark fish location on your GPS.

Markfish also has an integrated feature to instantly mark a position on your chartplotter through a switch that you can mount anywhere on your boat or wirelessly.

Why should you have it?

Markfish translates the Furuno dedicated fish location output to your lowrance, Simrad or Garmin NMEA input for instant fish location markups. 

If you are a fisherman or are looking to improve your fishing game, Markfish is a little device that might help. 

This device wakes the mark button on your GPS, allowing you to drop a mark at any place and time to save the location where the fish are.

How to Install

Our lab-tested box is the closest that a marine electronic device will come to being fisherman proof. We have tested this device in the hot, the cold, the very salty, and wettest of environments, so you can be assured it is going to last.

Quick Look at Markfish

It doesn't matter where you live

We ship globally and email you a tracking number so you know exactly when your markfish is coming.